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Hello friend now i will to talk to about the Computer Knowledge

What is the Computer ?

Computer is an Electronic device Which is used To compute the
data a conivert into informaton

Other name of Computer ?

System , Systematic , Computation

Who is the Father of Computer

Charles Babbage

Types of Computer ?

Analog Computer , Digital Computer , Mini Compute
Super Computer , Hybrid Computer , Mainframe Computer
Micro Computer

Different Variety Computer ?

Laptop , Notebook , Palmtop

Other Name of Computer ?

(i) C.R.T – Cathode Ray Tube (ii) V.D.U – Visual Display Unit

other parts of Computer ?

UPS , Scanner , Printer , Web Camera , Digital Camera

Input Device ?

Keyboard , Mouse , Scanner , Webcammers

Output Device ?

Monitor , Printer , Speaker , Video Card , Screen Projector

Version of MS office ?

(i) MS. office 2000 (ii) MS. office 2002 (iii) MS. Office 2003
(iv) MS. office 2007 (v) MS. office 2010 (vi) MS. office XP (vii) MS. office 97.

What is the notepad ?

Notepad is a basic text editor

What is use of Notepad ?

The Use of Notepad to create internet webpages

What is the Extension name of Notepad ?

.TXT (text file)

How to Start of Notepad ?

(i) Start – All program – Accessories – Notepad
(ii) press the Window+R And type the notepad and enter

What is the MS. Paint ?

MS. Paint is a Drawing Tool Bar.

What is the use of MS. Paint ?

The use of MS. Paint to Draw any picture themes Shapes etc.

What is the Extension name of MS. Paint ?

.BMP (Bit map)

How To Start MS Paint ?

Start – All Programmed – Accessories – MS Paint .

Introduction Of MS Paint ?

Click on the start button , move the mouse up to the programs Folder.
will then launch, Opened to a new (blank) Pictures.
Drawing lines & Shapes to draw a straight line.
(i) Click ( \ ) in the tool box
(ii) To Choose the Width the line Will be, Click a line Width From
the Color The line Will be Click a Color
(iii) To draw the line ,Drag the mouse Pointer.

Introduction of WordPad ?

You Can Consider it a Light Version of Microsoft Word and more advanced than other simple text editor like notepad this tool enable you to create edit view and print text documents. it can be used to types Memos Create edit view and print text documents in the articles. I will share where to find WordPad how to works with the ribbon based interface how to create & save a new documents and how to print it. WordPad comparison this version bundled with window 7 and window 8 Vs other. WordPad is include

in all version of Microsoft window since window 95. In older WordPad version you had an a interface based of lots and small menus and button the application had. The formatting toolbar each with its formatting toolbar each with its set of button of common commands. The new version of WordPad is a bit more friendly due to ribbon bar which was first introduction in Microsoft office 2007.

What is the WordPad ?

Word pad is a small writing package.

What is the Use of word pad ?

The use of word pad to create bio data Resume & simple Formatting.

What is the extension name of word pad ?

.R.T.F (Rich Text File)

Introduction of MS Access ?

This section introduces how to start access and open create a data base
after opening access you will he present with the window. If you want to
edit an existing data base you can either go to file lower open are move
your cursor to the lower right hand side to click an open. If you are
creating a new data base you can also either go to file new are move
your curser to the lower right hand side click on create a new file as
you will presented with option an the right side menu.

unlike word documents excel spreader sheet and lower paint presentation
you mist save an access data base before you start working on it after
you selecting blank data base you will first he prompted to specify a
data base and click on create.

Extension name of MS Access

Access data is star in tables made up of one or more field Access
calls a Column a field the data store in each column must be of a
single data types such as characters number or data a collection of
value from table is called a record or a row in the table.

How to start MS Access ?

Start – All program – Accessories – MS Access 2010.

What is the extension name of MS Access ?

.Accdb (Access Data base)

Shortcut Key of Paint ?

Ctrl+N Create a new pictures
Ctrl+o Open an Existing Pictures
ctrl+s Save changes to a pictures
Ctrl+p print pictures
f12 Save a pictures as a new file
Alt+F4 Close a pictures and its print
Ctrl+z Undo a change
Ctrl+y redo a change
Ctrl+A All select
Ctrl+X Cut a Selection
Ctrl+C Copy a selection to the clipboard
Ctrl+V past a selection in clipboard
Right Arrow Move the Select Active Shape right
Left Arrow Move the Select Active Shape left
Down Arrow Move the select or active shape down by one pixel
Up Arrow Move the selection or active shapes by one pixel
ESC Cancel a selection
Delete Delete a Selection
Ctrl+B Bold Selected text
Ctrl++ Increase the Width of a Brush line or Shapes outline by one pixcel
Ctrl+U Underline Selected
Ctrl- Decrease the Width of a brush line or shape outline by one pixcel
Ctrl+I Italicize Select text
Ctrl+E Open the resize And Skew dialog Box
Ctrl+Pageup Zoom out
Ctrl+page sown Zoom out
F11 View a pictures in full screen mode
ctrl+R Show or hide the ruler
Ctrl+G Show or hide gridlines
F10 or Alt display Keytips
Shift+ f10 Show the current shortcut Menu
F1 open paint help

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