How to install Window XP in Your PC – (2021)?

Hello Friends I will ypu talk to about the How to install Window XP in Your PC

We will discuss about the basic of computer and Window XP in Your PC . A Computer is, at its most basic, a much in which can take instruction, and perform Computation based on those instruction. Compared to those early Machine, today’s Computers are amazing. Due to its numerical ability it is Known as a computer and it provides the solution to the people it much greater speed.

At a single time the Computer can solved many problems and thus this is one of the oldest device that has been used by ancient people and till now many new implementation had been seen in it too.

Computer in fact the most important electronic device created for the people and at time it is found to be quite helpful for the people too Computer work through an it refers to object that you can actually touch, like disks driver display screen ,keyboard ,printer ,board and chips.

In contract software is untouchable. software exists as ideas, concepts and symbol, but it has no substance. A computer without software is like a book full of blank pages you need software to make the computer useful just as you need works to make a book meaningful.

We will discuss the operating system (OS). OS is a system software that manages computer and the device connected to its .OS is responsible for management and Co-ordination of activities and the sharing of a limits
resource of computer.

Window XP in Your PC

list to ensure that you hardware is supported by XP. if you hardware is not the Compatibility list you can check you hardware manufactures website to downloads the drivers for Window XP.

All version of Windows XP CD are bootable. in order to boot from CD/DVD-ROM, one need to set The boot Sequence .Look for the boot device is set to CD/DVD-ROM. You can then perform the following
setup to install Windows XP.

Step 1: On your computer and install the cd in your CD?DVD-ROM driver. your PC should automatically

detect the CD and you will get a messages saying “press any key to boot from CD”. Soon as Computer Starts

Step 2: At this stage it will be asked us to press F6 If you want to install a third party Raid or SCSI drivers .If you are using an. If you are seen
SCSI or Stat Hard driver then you must press F6 Windows Will not detect you Hard driver the Installation sure you have the Raid drivers on a Floppy disk. Normally The drivers are

Supplied on a CD which you can Copy to floppy disk is ready to be installed.

Step 3: click s button t

Step 4: You will be ask to insert to floppy disk with the Raid or SCSI drivers. Press enter after you have inserted to disks

Step 5: You will see a list of Raid drivers for Your HDD.

Step 6: You Will the get a Windows XP professional Setup Screen. You the option a new Window Install, Repair previous install new install we just press enter to continues.

Step 7: You Will be present with the End User licensing Agreement Press F8 to accept and continue

Step 8: this step is every important. Here we will create the partition where Window will be installed If you have a brand new unformat driver you will get a Screen similar to below in our case the driver size is 8190MB. We choose to install Window in this driver without
creating a partition use the entire size of the driver. If you wish to do this you can Just press enter and windows will automatically partition and format the driver as one large driver
How ever for this demonstration i will create two partitions .

Step 9: This indicate the partition has been create. unpartitioned space of 2189MB. next light the unpartitioned space pressing down arrow
key. press C to create partition.

Step 10: Now you will see booth position listed.Partition C drive ka size hota hai 6000 MB and partition to drive car size hota hai 2180MB you will have 8 MB partition space Don’t worry about that .Just leave it how it is Window normally has some unpartitioned space. You might wonder what happened to D:drive.WIndow has automatically located D:drive to CD/DVD-ROM
Select partition 1(C:Drive)and press enter .

Step 11: This is recommend file system. If the hard drive been format you choose quick NTFC format. We choose NTFS is offers many security features, large drive size, and baggers size files
windows will now start formatting drive C: and start Copying setup file shown on the two images below windows will now start formatting drive C: and start Copying setup

Step 12: After the setup has complete copying the files computer restart . leave the XP CD in the drive betimes DO NOT press few seconds setup contain. Windows XP setup wizard will guide you through the setup process of gating information about your computer.

Step 13:
Choose your region and language

Step 14: type in you name and organization
Step 15: Enter you product key

Step 16:
Name the computer ,and enter an Administrator passwords. Don’t forget to down Administrator password.

Step 17:
Apne date aur time ko choice Karen Apne a samay sa

Step 18:
Apne typing setting ko choice Karen aur next per click kar den

Step 19:
Choose workgroup or domain name. If you are not a member of a domain leave the default setting and press next.Window bar se start hogi aur use Apne hisab Display adjust Karen

Step 20:
Final window will start and present you with a welcome screen. Click next to continues
Step 21: Choose ‘help protect my PC by tuning on automatic updates now; and press next.

Step 22:
Computer connect ho jaega internet se directly? If you are connect to a router or Lan choose :’Yes, this computer will connect through a local area network .If you have dial up modem chose: ‘ No computer will connect directly to the internet’. click next.

Step 23:
ready to activate Windows? Choose yes if you wish to active windows over the internet now or choose no. If you want to activate Windows at a stage.

Step 24:
Add user that will sign onto this computer and click next.
Step 25: You will get a Thank you Screen to confirm setup is computer Click finish.

Step 26:
Log into your PC for the first time
Step 27: You now need to check the device manager to confirm that all the drivers has been load or if there are any conflicts. From the start menu select Start-Seating-Control panel. Click on the system icon and from the System properties window select the Hardware tab, click on device manager.
and finish.

How to install Window XP in Your PC

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