What is the Word Processor?

Hello friend I will to talk to about the What is the word Processor
A computer is an electronic device which execute software Program.
the computer is used now like
bank, hospital homes, school, government offices, defense, military,
space shuttle, research ,industrial purpose, research, news.

agency, media, etc. A part from being used to automate larger systems
and processes, they have made a big difference in office automation large
system and processes they have made a big difference in office automation.
Day to day office tasks such creating documents ,letter.

faxes, filing, strong, retrieving, mailing has become simpler and sophisticated
with the use of computer. There are many software application that help
to create, edit, save and print documents, letter, mailing labs and reports.

part of Microsoft’s Window operating system.
In this chapter, we will discuss Word processor features .

Describe most features that exist
word processor. Explain why you think
that important

Most Word processor available today allow more just
creating and editing documents. There are some features
to use to make our documents look professional and polished,

To change page orientation

. Choose the orientation you want-landscape
(horizontal) portrait (Vertical)

To change paper size

available paper size current size
is highlighted
. Choose the size option. Page size
of documents changes

To set page margins

. Customize your margins by selecting custom
margin from menu and
. entering the desired margins in the appropriate field.

To insert a break

. Click Breaks commands in the page setup
group .A menu will appear
insertion point to a new page
. A Section break moves text from the parts
insertion point to a new page.
A section break creates a barrier between
of the documents for formatting purposes.

To insert a Blank page

. Position cursor which you need add blank page
. Select insert Tab on the pages group
. A blank page is added the insertion
point. This option should be
formatting problems.

To Add Boarder to page

. Click page Boarder command in page background group
. In the page boarder tab select the appropriate border. Apply to Whole
documents for boarder on all the pages of documents.

To Add Background Color/Pattern/Shading to page

. Click page color commands in the page background group.
. You can choose a color from the menu or select fill effect
. The Fill effects dialog box appear it has for tabs: Gradient, Texture,
Pattern and pictures .You may set one of them at a time.

To add water to the page

. Click watermark commands in the page background group
. You many choose from the the pre-existing ones in the list QR setup a
Custom pictures to text watermark.
. The watermark will appear on all the page of the document.
Working with Header Footer
. The header is a section of the documents the appear in the top margin,
The footer is section of the documents appear
bottom margin.
. Select Header from the Header from the Header &footer group.
. You can either select from the built in option from the list QR blank

Header/Footer OR Edit Header /Footer from the menu.

. The Design tab with Header and Footer Tool appear .It has all the

. Types the information in the Header an the footer. You may insert Date
&time, page number, Author, etc. option to specify
odd numbered pages.
To Create a Documents in Columns Layout
Column are used in many

used in newspaper to add columns to a document:
. Click on column command in the page setup group
. The documents changes in the column format.

Applying Thames

A them is a set of formatting choose of color, font and styles that can be
applied in combination to an entire document To apply a them:
. Click the Theme command. please note the documents should not
be in compellability mode for the Theme group to be enabled.
. Select a Theme from the list. The Formatting like font styles, sizes colors,
line and fill effect would change.
You cannot apply a Theme to documents without applying styles first.
themes look for and replace the format of each of the styles

Create custom Theme

. First create New Theme to colors using color command in Themes
group of pages Layout. Use drop downs to change the colors for each
part of
the documents enter the name theme color Save
. Enter the theme name the save Spelling an Grammar
By default ,Word automatically checks your documents
for spelling and Grammar and indicate the error by coulure line
. Agree line indicate grammars error.
. There error, Just right -click on the red/green
underlines and
Select the correct word from the suggested list. you may choose to
ignore the underline word
you can wait the spelling grammar check after completing
he documents group on the Review tab.

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