What is the Web Browser

What is the Web & web Browser ?

The www in corporates all the internet service. Internet browser enable you to connect to the internet and gain access to storage of information on these computer. Whether you’re searching for information having it deliverer to your
computer, take a look at some of the features that makes them easy to browse the internet
World wid web (www) was inverter by time banners-lee CERN,1989. WWW (world wide web) is network of internet sites. it is a system of internet link hypertext documents accesses internet.
can view web page that may contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia and navigate .It is a software program.
(web browsers) developed to access the Web page.
In this chapter we will discuss about world wide web types of browsers and their configuration, downloader and search through and internet explorer and Netscape navigator, searching website or web pages by using search engines.

Web Browsing Software :

Web browsing is a kind of software which is to access the web contents This kind of software is the client side. This contain various tools which are to navigate the web contain we need to type the address (URL) of the website at the address bar (URL bar) in the web browser and this will let you reach to the home page (default) of the website.

URL (Uniform Research locator)- Every web page has a unique
address called a URL for google http//www.google.co.in. the
basic part of URL often provide “clues to where a web page originates
and who might be responsible for the information at that page or site
Web pages: Web pages is a document on the internet and construct
using HTML are translate by your Web page.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) – The information on the web server
is compile in hypertext Markup language. it has useful text and image link
to different documents it deals with images, sounds and videos etc.

Popular Web Browsing Software:

There are many Kinds of web browsers available to view and navigator the web contents.
Microsoft internet Explore

Microsoft internet Explore is a Web browser develop by Microsoft Corporation. This browser software is a Window Operating system Installed with the operating system in default. This is a treated as the Window Component used Navigate and browser the web content the latest version Microsoft internet Explore

Netscape Navigator

It Web browser Software Program used t browse and navigate the web content .it is develop by Netscape Corporation.it does browser internet in most of the operating system like, LINUX, UNIX, Window operating system etc. it us not associated with any single operating system. it download from its office website.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is most popular browser software now-a-days. It is very user friendly browser Software provides easy access to surf internet is several tab This browser application has been develop Mozilla Corporation. This browser software can be in various other operating system. It can be download from official website of Mozilla corporation.

Apple Safari is browser software to browser and navigator web content on MAC operating system mostly It is develop by Apple Corporation. It is used in some other GUI based operating system too like Linux GUI and Window. This browser software can be download from its official website.

Google chrome

Google Chrome is the newest software among the above This is very fast and reliable browser software which browser the Web contents very fast with its script features. it is highly recommend and developed by google Corporation.


This is kind of browser It is develop by Opera Corporation. software which is used to browser and navigate the web contents. this application has launched in computer & Mobile segment both. This is a very reliable and fast surfing web browser. It is developed by Opera Corporation.

Page Setup: We can do page setup for a web page in internet explorer make a print
Customizing Microsoft Internet Explorer: We see a number of tools and features which provide easy access and customization .

  • Click the file menu and select Page Setup
  • In the page setup dialog, set the margined and choose a paper size; and
  • Check the page orientation am few els;
  • Click ok

Pop-Up Blocking:

It is a dialog window. come surfing the internet with some certain content. It can Come anytime depending on the website you surfing. anytime depending on the website you surfing. Some website contain and reveals a lot of ads surfing which a user sometime gets irrigated. through A user can set the Pop-Up to on or off he/she can allow some specified website POP Ups with POP-OP with POP-UP setting.

Here are the Steeps

  • Click tools menu and foots Pop-up Blocker; and
  • click Turn off pop-up Blocker; or
  • Go to Pop-up blocker setting to personalize the setting .

Show hid Tool bar: We can show or hide to the tool bar of internet explorer as per our personal requirement.

Here are the Steps…

  • Click View Menu; and go to Toolbars and;
  • Choose tp check or uncheck the tool bars
  • Checked will show and unchecked will hide the tool bar.

Popular Search Engines:

Search For content There is number of Popular Search Engines Which are use very Frequently among the internet user
Google: Google is the most popular search engine across the glob which is use very frequently. Its Popularity is assume in the way like most of popular have set its home page and default search engine for the browser. It is a web portal, content number of service like Mail, Books Translate, Map, Google + YouTube.


Yahoo is most popular search engine across the glob and is use world wide, This is very portal contains number of service with very home page.


Bing is newer search engine among the mentioned search engines. It is develop by Microsoft Corporation. It has replaced mostly MSN (Microsoft network) search engines of it own developed team. This is very interactive user friendly Search engines.


Lycos is far older these above search engines. It provides very easy access to user to search a thing. It provides keyboard search as well directly search to its home page

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