Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration has been the vital tool in our daily life routine, Business
, Education, Research are many more. communication impacts a vital
impression in any sector of life. Email, social networking. chats,
blogs an many more an key tools use in communication.

Communication and Collaboration


In this chapter we will discuss about Basic of E-mail, What is an
E-mail Clint, Mailbox:

Inbox Outbox, Creating Sending.

Email message Sorting Searching email Advance email

features, Sending documents by E-mail Activating Spell.
Heading SPAM, Instant Messaging Collaboration, Using smiley etiquettes.

Basic of E-mail:

sharing digital message from a person to person. The
person who sent message is sender or host those
who receive are recipients.

The Electronic mail was for Electronic document
message, documents, bio-dastan Photographs etc. to anyone
anywhere either in India abroad, Email became popular

What is an Electronic Mail ?

E-mail (Electronic Mail) Messages are useful recordable
Method of communication, other method including chatting
instant messaging. The difference between email

instant messaging is the email is message in instant
messaging no any encrypted in made
Many free email provides server as web-based Email

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Red mail,, etc.).
This allows user to login the mail account by using an
internet browser to send received their email.

Benefits of Email- Email is almost the easiest way to communication
over internet. Here is brief features of email…

  • Communication through Email is the most cost effective communication.
    Most of the web-based email providers are providing this for free.
  • It is a quick responder communication which let a user remain satisfied
    . you can retrieve record of that in features any time.
  • from anywhere across the glob.
  • attached to your email account all of the email providing companies
    give sufficient space to your documents. you may access these valuable
    documents from anywhere.

Email Addressing :

Email addressing is subject after of the used to An email address
is the address of specific place
on a web server which provides email services.

it two segment; the first on is the username
which is by a user other is ever name which provides

. Here are some email clients Microsoft outlook,
Mozilla Thunderbird are many more.

Here we see some steps to configure email clients..

  • Open the outlook application click to next button at its first dialog;
  • Type the user name, email, password in the given field an click to next
    button again; this will configure the email account to the client application
    automatically if connected to internet; or
  • Type user name, password, incoming mail server, outgoing mail server
    manually to the given fields an click next.
  • t.
  • A profile comprised of accounts, data files, setting that contain
    information about e-mail is a new Profile automatically
    you run Outlook for the first time, after the profile
    runs each time that you start outlook.

Using E-mail:
Open email client: Here are the steps to open an Email client..

  • Click start button go to all programs;
  • Click Microsoft office select Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007/2010.

Mailbox: Inbox Outlook: Mailbox is the container which contain It has a lot
of Folders which differentiate the email sent, received, junk, or deleted.

Here are the terms to use mailbox….
Inbox: Inbox is the place where This a section named sent Mail
which contains the list of fully delivered emails. Difference only

Outbox keeps the email which is pending to delivers or not
sent where as sent box keeps the list of fully delivered emails.

Draft: It is place where messages composed not sent.

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