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from all walks of life use the internet. They look for availability of Movie tickets, local restaurants in an area,
Jobs availability, research paper on varied topic in areas touching any aspect of life, etc. on the internet.

World wide web is one of the must used services of the internet. We can search the internet for any kind of information. There are tool like wiki and Google Docs Available to create, share, Contribute and collaborate on content online. Internet.

We will discuss about internet use, sharing docs on internet, collecting data from internet, etc.

Browsing and Discussion Forum

What is Web Browser? How to launch the Browser?

A web browser is a software program that interprets the coding languages of the world wide web in graphic
form, displaying the translation other t the coding. This allows anyone to “browser the web” by simple point and click navigation, by passing the need to known
commands used in software languages.

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and google Chrome are the popular Web browser of current times.

Launching the Browser

Click on the start menu button. Choose All programs option. click or Google Chrome option.

(Before launching the Browser, Please ensure that your computer is connected the internet.)
The browser window open as show in the pages open and launch browser depend on your browser
setting. The browser can be customize as follows:
(2) Select Option from the pull down menu.
(3) Set the Startup and Home page section

Q2 Create a new documents in google Docs. Share a documents means to give someone else to that documents.
This can be in two ways.

  • Email the documents as an attachment
  • Invite other to read or edit the documents online. Google doc pictures (1) bring your cursor on a documents

(1) bring your Cursor on a documents name in the list, the world “Action” appears on the right side.
you click on that drop down arrow, a menu appear with “share” as on option.
(2) Choose share sub menu open e-mail as an Attachment e-mails the document.
(3) Click on “email editor/viewers”. This Option is to invite People to either view the documents collaborate (view and edit) on the documents. The people you have invited nest google Docs account to view the documents.
(4) A Shared documents is mark as “shared” in the list on the main page.

Q3 Go to site and copy the image of all cars on your computer.
(1) Open any web browser, and go the site www
(2) Click on any car name
(3) Information and image of car will open
(4) Right click on image
(5) You can choose save s pictures option or copy

Browsing and Discussion Forum

Q4. Check History on on Internet Explorer and google Chrome

The browser creates a History list of the web page visited. On internet Explore:
(1) Click Start
(2) All Programs
(3) Internet Explorer
(4) Click on view in Menu Bar
(5) Click Explorer bar
(6) Click History

You can check History pressing by Ctrl+Shift+H O Google Chrome:
(2) Choose “History” from the Menu.
(3) A History tap opens which lists all the visited pages.

Q6 Perform the followings

(a) Bookmark Web page
(b) Remove Bookmark
(C) Download Files
(a) Bookmark Web page: A single click on the start adds the page to the Bookmarks list and start changes
to yellow color, If you click the start again, the bookmark.
In the any tab
(1) Click on the star at the end of the address line to bookmark the pages
(2) Star color changes to yellow. A small bookmark window opens
(3) Leave the bookmark “Name” as is
(4) Click on the drop down button for folder and “choose” the folder.

(6) Click OK button.

The page bookmarks is store in the new folder that you created.

(2) Choose “Bookmark Manager”.
(3) A bookmark manager tab opens and displays all the bookmark folder/subfolder and Pages.

(b) Removing Bookmark

In the any tab
(2) A small bookmark window open
(4) The star color changes to white and the bookmark is remove .
Bookmarks can be delete through the bookmark manager.


You can copy an images by using the right mouse click on
the image and selecting the ‘Save images
as option you can click the ‘Downloaded’ button to downloads
the pictures as on the website
Download’ button to copy the file on your
computer. We the browser displays ‘save or ‘Save

Browsing and Discussion Forum

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