What is the Spread Sheet ?

Excel file is knowns as a Workbook. A Workbook is Collection of three
Worksheets by default. You can create new Spreadsheet According to your requirements
Objective: In this chapter we will discuss about Element of electronic spread sheet, opening of spread sheet, Addressing of Cells, of Spreed sheet saving Workbook Manipulation
of cells, Entering Text, Number and Dates, Creating Text, Number and Data series, Editing

Electronic Spreadsheet:

There are number of element in Microsoft Excel Application which Facilitates a user a user Friendly environment to fulfill the goal object, here are the
element Workbook, Workbook Row, Column, Cell, Functions and Formulas


A Workbook Contain Maximum 225 Sheets to
works in the Workbook open and displayed three worksheet by default.


Arithmetical and Functional Calculations By default it is name as sheet1,
Sheet2, Sheet etc.

A sheet can be rename to


Table which movie from left to right.


A Column is the Vertically Situates in the Worksheet or the table which Flows from top the borrow. It is name as A, b, c…etc. in Excel Application. There are Column in excel Worksheet.


It is a Place Where the user work and perform task. Wherevers a user to works in it has to be Activate by clicking. The Collections of Cell is Knowns as Gridline.


Function are the built in commands to performs specific task. A Function is system defines reserve words with specific arguments to perform a certain task.


Formula are tricks with specific procedures, yields
the desired result. A Formula is initiates with (=) Sign;. It perform
some operation like Mathematical Calculations and Logical operation and on.

Formula Bar:

It is the bar where we write formulas and function
According to your requirement. We can even edit formulas and Function in it.

Name Box:

It is the box on the formula bar that gives address of each cell.

Scroll bar:

The scroll bar to use the up down the sheet in excel.

Active Worksheet. The Worksheet on which we are printing working.

Sheet Tab:

Ever we can open a workbooks and Worksheet defaults,
by using’s Sheet tab can be open any Worksheets.
Each worksheet is identified by label given as Sheet1, SHeet3, Sheet4…etc.
to your requirement.

Microsoft Excel 2003:

We can perform a number of tasks in Ms. Excel like
or in Graphical form.
This provides a bizarre of function and formulas for some specific tasks.
Through Ms. Excel we create Charts . Pivot Table, Pivot Charts and on.
The Extension of Excel files is .Xls

Microsoft Excel 2007/2010:

The Extension of Excel files is .xlsx in Excel
2007 and 2010 where the Excel 2003* has .Xls extension. The Character
‘X’ to the has being using to show that the never version have been extended.

Opening Spreadsheets Package: To open Ms. Excel, Click on the Excel icon
left corner of the window operating system.
Select the Programs option in the start Menu and MS office option and
MS Excel. You will find a new black workbook window which contains
Individual Worksheets and task pane of Getting Started.

Opening/Creating a Workbook: In Ms. Excel, we do create or open
a workbook in few easy step has facility to open a Workbook whether
blank Ms. Excel has a number of templates in built and we we can opt some templets
available office.com connected to internet where as Sheet , and Sheet3.
you can have more these sheets according to your need.

Addressing of cell: A work sheet is built using rows and columns and
they have their own label started with 1, 2, 3…and A, B, C…respectively. A cell has its won address
denoting with name if column and row label. We click a cell, it will return an
address displayed on Name box like if we click the first cell of the sheet,
it will return an address displayed in Name box like if we click
A1. A is the column and 1 is the row header label. This address is used in
formula function to take part in the operation. in the same of We can use and select a address of the cell.

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