What is the C++

C++ is a middle – level programming language developed by Bjarne streusel starting in 1939 at
C++ is a regarded an a middle level language, as it comprise combination of both high level .|
and low level language fearless [..]

C++ is a Superset of c, and that virtually any legal C program. is a equal ++ Program
It can be defined.

  1. Object =object have properties and Behavior. Example :- A dug has properties – like Color, name
    bride a well as behavior – waging, baking, eating. An object is an instance of a clears [..]
  2. Clan = A clan can be template / blue print that describe the behavior / states that object of
    its type support.
  3. Method = A method is boreally A clan can contain many method. It is an method where the logiest
    are write , date is all the ail ion are example [..]
  4. Instance variable – Each object has its unquiesced instance variable various parts of the above program .
  5. The ++ language defines seral herders, which information that either or useful year
    program for these program the header iostream> is needed.
  6. The line using namespace Std; tells the compiler to use the Std; name space namespace are a relatively
    recent addition to ++
    The next line /main () is where Program exertion began is a single- comment available is ++
    Single – line commends began with // and stop at the end of the line .
    The line Int main() is the main function where program executives.
    Every function in ++ has its code include in a pair of curly bracer ({})
    That code bellow

    C++ program Structure
    void main()
    Cout<<“Hello word”;

    Output =Hello word

main ()
int i;
for(i=65; i<=90;it+)
Printf(“%C\n”, i);

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