Skype Application

Hello Friends I will you talk to about the Skype application What is the Skype
application. which allow instant communication with friends, family, business
associate and co-worker.

You may want to Share your documents and discuss your plans, publicity
material, sales trends and details of stock.
in hand with your colleagues at different location. This will help you take
quick decisions based on ground information.

Skype is freely downloadable software It is use for chatting, sharing
information etc. On the internet.
service in Skype for voice or video calling and sharing of information.
Skype can be use to hold audio conference and sending documents
to each other. The facility can be use “freely for 1 to 1 video calls,

Advantages of using Skype:

  • You can keep your travel and communication costs low, allows focusing on gowning business.
The advantage of  Skype Application to use anyone person Calling one person Video calling and Using chatting in any Person any place it very simple to the skype application etc.

What you Will require for these?

  1. The require for these I will call everyone any message and video calling
    it very good high level of skype application.
  2. A Skype Id and Password.
  3. Internet connectively.
    you being using the computer to create Skype account take a
    applications right as you work. Step on how to create and use Skype
Skype Application

6. Double click on the Skypesteup.exe file and install Skype .
Installing Related software and updates).
7. To create a Skype account
8. Double click on Skype icon on your desktop to start Skype.
9. Click on ‘create a new Account’ which all take you to the registration
page of Skype’s website.

10. Enter the detail required in the registration form. First you should
enter your name and email address.
11. Enter your Information Birth, Date, Gender, country, city,
Language and Mobile Phone Number.
friends to locate you on skype.

12. Next enter purpose of using Skype. If you select ‘Mostly business
conversation’, you should provide company details.

13. Next Enter your Skype Name and Password. The Skype Name
of them or choose to you one for you self.

Letter and number (no space or special Character).. The name cannot be change
least one letter and one number.

14. Next enter the security words displayed in the box.

15. Your skype account is created and it opens a page to introduce you to skype
Credits which you need to purchase if you wish to Paid service.
Video conferencing. Click om ‘No Thanks’ and ‘continue’.

Sign in to Skype

  • Double click on the click icon on your desktop to start Skype.

Note: If you want skype to sign you in automatically you start Skype
next time, tick ‘sign in Skype starts.
* You sign in for the first time, it takes you through a 2step process
On you can capture your image using the webcam. you may skype the steps and do
* You are singed in and reedy to use skype. The screen looks as below.


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