Computer All Questions

What is Computer?

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Computer is an Electronic device for storage and processing information.
A computer has moved through.

various states of development and improvement. These state are referral
to as generation of computer.

Most computer follow the basic Principle of Input, process, and Output
. A computer consists of two components.

Hardware and software:

Computer All Questions

A computer has various type of files media” of two
components, storage, and audio

storage media. This topic explain the various computer
systems. It’s explains the
system components of a PC

Befits of Computers

The fact that computer have made their impact on almost
all aspects of life today’s world can hardly be question.
The question that you may ask here is that how on

benefits from using a computer?
A computer provides three basic benefits:

Speed: Computer work at very high speeds and are much
faster humans. The human equivalent of an
average computer would be on million mathematicians
working 24 hours a day.

Accuracy: Computer rarely make mistake. In most
computer errors are cause by hum faults.

Diligence: humans, computer simply. The Monotony
of repetitive work does not after computer.

Limitation of Computer :

computer cannot take over all activities simply a re less flexible humans, They have to be
they cannot perform anything outside the defined scope. In an unanticipated situation,
computer produce erroneous result or abandon
the task not have the potential to work out an alternative solution.

Components of PC
Now you know the benefits and limitation of computer,
us move on to identifying each component
which you will be working course.

Monitor: The unit that resembles a TV screen is Calle monitor,
or more commonly, that, short for Visual Display unit (VDU).

Keyboard: The component that closely resembles a type writer is Calle the keyboard
Central processing unit (CPU): The box – like structure that house t
he necessary components to run the system is the system unit.

Printer: The printer, as the name suggests, is use to print the result of any operation.
Mouse: The tiny device connect to the system unit through a
cord resembling a tail is a mouse. Moving the mouse
produces a corresponding movement of an arrow wheat on the VDU.

Speakers: Speakers are use to play sound application on the
computer. Microphone is use to record sound in the computer.
These device are collectively referral to as the hardware
hardware comprise physical component of a PC system

Principle of a Computer

(I-P-O). Consider an automobile assembly line.

The raw material
require by automobile assembling unit include body, engine parts,
types these material

are forward to the assembling unit. This activity constitutes the
input part of the cycle.
automobile. the process acts upon what
been the input and produces the output, example is juicer Machine.

Input Process Output

Component of Computers
There fore, all device can be categorize
as Input Device, Output Devices, and Processing Device.

Input Device

For examples:

Input Device and Output device

Mouse : A Mouse is a small device is connect to the system unit by means of a long wire.
It usually has two or three button using
which the user can select option from the screen.

Keyboard: Keyboard look like a type writer
The keyboard provides different key to perform
various operations, show follow table.

Scanner: A scanner is an output device use to capture
information, as, photographs documents on paper

Output Device

The output device to display output of an operation.

Printer: The output on the VDU cannot be store for reference.
For a permanent output, you require a printer is a common
output device. using the printer,

you can output on paper printer are capable of printing at very high speed.
the printers commonly used with the PC are that the dot matrix printer, the ink-jet printer the laser printer.

VDU (Visual Display Unit/Monitor):

Now you are familiar with some input device of
an output device. data that has been process needs

to be display to the user. This is using the monitor
or the VDU.
can display both next graphic images.

Processing Devices

Computer All Questions

The processing device are use to process the instruction give
to the computer. Microprocessor is an example of processing device.
and is place inside the system unit. The CPU chip responding for
there are many models of CPU Chip available like Pentium
I, Pentium III, Pentium IV and Celeron.

Storage device: The data is store in storage devices for
processing data as for future reference.

Primary Storage Device :

Computer All Questions

A primary storage device is any storage or component
that can store non volute data in computer, server and other computing device.

Input Device and Output device

Random Access memory (RAM):

Ram is a volatile storage device. a random
access memory device allow data items to be and written
in approximately the amount of time.

Hard disk drive (HDD):

The hard disk is high storage capacity disk and is permanently|
place inside the computer Normally there is
only one hard disk computer if required you can add extra
hard disk to your computer .

Compact disk :

you use a CD writer to store data on the compact disk the data can read using a CD drive.

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