Computer MCQ Questions

Note: This set contain 100 questions ( MCQ)

Hello friends i will you talk to about the COURSE ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS.

  1. Full form of IP.

a. Modern
b. international Primary
c. Internet Protocol
d. None of these

Extension name of Paint……………………..

a. Register
b. .excel
d. All of above

Which technology is completely interconnected Network topology.
a. Star
b. Mesh
c. Tree
d. all of above

Which of the follow search engine continuously send out
a. Cookie s
b. Spider
c. Packets
d. All of above

The internet is controlled.
a. IBM
b. US Government
c. Pentagon
d. No one particular.

Most news readers present newsgroup articles.
a. Mail
b. Threads
c. column
d. All of above

What are the different internet connection methods?
b. Dial-up
c. Broadband
d. All of above

A small network make up the internet and having
a small number of computer within it is called ………………..
a. Host
b. address
c. Domain
d. Domain

Follow is a type of PowerPoint slide show option.
a. Presented by the speaker
b. Browsed by an individuals
c. Browsed at a kiosk
d. All of above

The internet user
a. Circuit switching
b. Packet switching
c. Hybrid switching
d. All of above

……….. page is the first of the website
a. View page
b. Master page
c. Home page
d. lastpage

Deleted mail can be recover form………….
a Trash
b. spam
c. junk file
d. Bounce mail

GUI used as an inter face between
a. Hardware and Software
b. man and Machine
c. Software and User
d. None of above.


The communication protocol used by internet
b. WWW
d. All of above

Universities, Government organizations and search labs have formed.
a . Internet2
b. Internet
c. WWW
d. All of above

An elective view of your slides in thumbnail is ………..
a. Normal
b. Animation
c. Slide sorter
d. All of above

………… is slide transaction effect
a. Dissolve
b. Bit
c. Wipallower
d. All of above

SMTP stand for

a. Server main Transfer Protocol
b. Simple Mail transfer protocol
c. Small mail transmission protocol
d. all of above

  1. Page break appear as dotted lines across the document in ……
    a. Print layout view
    b. Normal view
    c. Print preview
    d. None of these
  2. Follow is type of slide animation
    a. Flash one
    b. Typewriter
    c. Fly from top
    d. All of above
  3. Http:// is an example of ……………………….
    a. URL
    b. AN access code
    c. A protocol
    d. Broad band
  4. HTTP stand for\
    a. Hyper text transfer protocol
    b. HTL Text Transfer Protocol
    c. High Transfer Tier Programmed
    d. High Transfer Tier Programmed
    d. all of above
  5. The internet protocol
    a. handless software computer addresses
    b. Find the quickest route between two computer
    d. All of above
  6. Web page are uniquely defined using
    a. IP address
    b. URL
    c. Domain
    c. None of above
  7. SMPT is a Simple
    a. TCP protocol
    b. TCP/IP Protocol
    c. IP Protocol
    d. All of above
  8. Internet work on
    a. Packet switching
    b. Circuit switching
    c. Both a & B
    d. None of these
  9. Which is all purpose search engine?
    a. Alt vista
    d. None of these
  10. in the email address@ is used to add the ………a user name
    a. passwords
    b Client computer
    c. None of theses
  11. What is the name of list that stores the URL of web page and links visited in past few days?
    a. History List
    b. Page list
    c. Link List
    d. None of these

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