Computer Question Paper

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  1. what is the Computer and how to use of the computer in our life.
2. What is the CD – Rom.

3. What is the Information.

Computer Question Paper
4. What is the use of Photoshop .
5. Excel prints gridlines by default

Question Paper of Examination

7. Print review of the word documents does not allow to do editing
8. You can incorporate graphics in the word documents
9. What is the notepad.
10. What is the Excel.
11. The drawing toolbar appears on the bottom of the word application window.
13. What is the Extension name of Coral draw.
14. How to of Printer.
15. .PPs is use to save a presentation that will always open as a slide show presentation.
16. Shift+home will take you to the beginning do=of a documents
17. Multiple non-adjacent ranges cannot be select in Excel.
18. You copy a formula in excel relative cell references do not change.
19. Graphic cannot be place in headers and footers in Ms. word.
Computer Question Paper
21. You cannot change the background color used within the command prompt of window.
22. Numerals have the same width in proportionally spaced front.
23. you cannot enlarge the sheet unto 500% printing.

Question Paper of Examination

26. Video files cannot be attach to an E-mail message
27. What is the E-mail.
28. The column of work sheet window.
29. In word documents you can create a new line without creating a new paragraph by using Shift Enter
30. Pressing home move the active cell to column a of the current row.
31. What is the Window.
32. A protocol used for fetching E-mail from a mailbox is POP3
33. What is the Data.
34. Data command in DOS display the current data well as time.
35. who is the inventor of computer.
36. What is the wan net work.
37. What is the PowerPoint and where are use.
38. Name the 5 Storage device in computer.
39. Format Pinter button is use to copy the formatting of a cell.
40. It you double click a mouse on a word, it selects that word.
41. What is the per drive and to use in our life.
42. What is the Ms. Paint.


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