All Full form of Computer ?

Hello Friends I will you Talk to about the All Full form of Computer

HTTP = Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HTTPS = Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

IP = Internet Protocol

URL = Uniform Research Locator

USB = Universal Serial Bus

3G = Third generation

VIRUS = Vitial Information Research Under seized

GSM = Global System for Mobile Communication

CDMA = Code division multiple Access

JPEG = Joint Photograph Expert Group

BMP = Bit Map

PNG = portable network graphic

DOC = Documents (Microsoft Corporation)

CD = Compact Dick

DVD = Digital Versatile Dick

CRT = Cathode Ray Tube

DAT = Digital Audio Tape

DOS = Dick Operating System

IBM = International Business Machine

HP = Hewlett Packard

WLAN = Wire less local area network

DBMS = Data Base Management System

ENIAC = Electronic Numerical Integrator Calculator

FD = Floppy dick

Full Form of computer

HLL = high level language

LLL = Low level language

HTML = Hyper text Markup Language

KB = Kila Bite

GB = giga bit

LAN = Local Area Network

LED = Light Emitting Diode

MB = Mega Bit

OS = operating System

PC = personal Computer

RGB = Red Green Blue

ROM = Read Access Memory

RAM = Random Access Memory

TB = Tera Bit

Full Form of computer

UPS = Uninterrupted Power Supply

VGA = Video Graphic Array.

WAN = wide Area network

PC = Personal computer

UI = user interface

TDMA = Time Division Multiple Access

VBS = Visual Basic For Application

VGCT = Video Graphics Character Table

WAIS = Wide Area Information Server

WDL = Window Driver Library

RLN = Remote Lan Node

RWM = Read Write Memory

HHD = Hybrid Hard Drive

ICM = Image Color Management

HAL = Hardware Abstraction Layer

GDA = Global Document Annotation

FSD = File System Drive

FAT = File Allocation Table

DML = Data Manipulation Language

FCS = Frame Check Sequence

Full Form of Computers

HDLC = High Level Data Control Procedures

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