What is the Tally ERP 9

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Accounting ko ham business ke liye use karte hain jiska Naam hai tally ERP 9
Summarizing and reporting the business financial information.

Tally ERP 9

Advantages of Accounting

  1. There are many properties in business
  2. How much is the loan on business
  3. A part from this, keeping accounting can understand the reasons for the benefit
    given above, we can easily understand that accounting is the business

Definition of Accounting

  1. Good:- Good bought and sold mainly in the business. for eg- In a grocery store,
    Soaps, oil are goods. Depending on the purchase of profit and the sales of the goods.
  2. Assets:- Assets are valuable thing that are necessary for business the business the wealth.
    For e.g- Building, Wakeel, Machinery

3. Liability is a given to business by either for e.g – loan taken from the Purchase of goods on credit.

4. Capital:- Capital is the Capital inverte by the increase owner.

5. Nominal Accounts: Debit : All Expense Losses Credit : All Income A gain.

Double Entry System of Book keeping

Each transaction affect two business in two ways.

  1. a) Bought in goods cash – Goods are coming into this business
    in the transaction the same time cash out of business is going out
  2. b) Data sold on good credit to transaction are going of business
    and at the same thing data traders become debtors of our business.

According to the double entry system recording all such business transaction all such business

transaction in the account, there are two Aspect ‘giving’ and
credit Aspect (giving) are hold, ar in jornal of the journal or assistant.

Types of Accounts in Tally ERP 9

  1. Peronal Account:- Account of all individuals societes trust bank companies are personal accounts. For Examples – Rahul A/c, Building A/c.
  2. Real Account:- Real accounts includes all Assets El Goods account.
  3. Nominal Accounts:- All the income El Expenses related to the business for fall under the nominal account
    E.g Salary A/c, Rent A/c, Commission A/c, Advertising A/c, High bill A/c

Golden Rules of Accountd

Tally ERP 9

Personal Account:- The debit the receiver or debtor credit: the Give or Creditor.

Real Accounts: Debit: What comesouut

Capital cash, good or Set capital is investe the business owner Accounding the business the capital a a liability.

Creditor:- Those who make have to pay certain amount to our business are calle creditor

Business transaction :- A financial event is realate to business impact follon the financial position of the company for e.g – Selling goods on the purchase, sakaries El Credit of good

How to Start Tally

Tally course start karen aur licensing operation mein jakar
work in education mod per click karna hai double click ke
bad silvered edition mode single user per click karna hai FIR
company create per jana hai aur usmein jo pucha Gaya information hai vah se bhar dena hai

Uske bad new company create karna hai ki liye Alt+F3 samne
company info ko likhkar a jaaye create company per ke liye karna
hai Alt+F3 kisi band company ko kholne ke liye l Alt+F3 ka prayog
karte HainAlt + d kisi company ko bhi delete karne ke kaam mein aata hai

Personal A/c

EX:- Sandeep A/C, ABC PVT.LTD. A/c, PNB Bank etc.

Real A/c

Ex:- Purchase A/c Cash A/c, for Building, company A/c etc.

Nominal A/c

E.g:- Wages A/c Salary A/c

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