What is the Adode PhotoShope 7.0

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What is the Adode PhotoShope 7.0

Photoshop combines the function of an image editor. a pain application,
Web graphic design tool amd much more. these photoshop provides a

To start Photoshop:-

On the Window taskbar, click start
Select the programs menu item
From the submenu displayed select the adode item, click adode photosho

contains the window control buttons on the right – hand side,
These buttons are Minimize lestore and close that can be t control the photoshop window

Menu Bar:- Each word on the menu bar represent a different menu. Each menu conatins the commands you can use to activates the features of photoshop.

Tool Bar:- The application is first launche the toolbox is displaye on the left han side. window. some as the tools selected have option that are displaye in the option bar at the tab after window the toolbox is use to select, move edit plain and view images.

Display Screen Tips:-

Position the move pointer over an icon button
on the display a screen tips you see a button on toolbox with a small
black triangle in the bottom right – hand corner as a button, this
means taht there are additional tools available with this button
press and hold down the left move button on any botton with a
black triangle to display additional tools.

Using the tools:- You can select a tool by clicking its icon in
the toolbar A small triangle at the lower right corner as tool icon indicates hiden tools present on th
same tool position the pointer over a loot displayed a tool tip with the tools name and keyboard shortcut
using the selecting tool A toolbox B. Active tool C. Hidden tools triangle, all the tools make an important position to work for the image.

Selection tools:-

The selection for cutting the colouring we use feature to apply other.

Rectangular marquee tools: this tool is use for selecting
rectangular or square by using features you can change sharness on the corner.

Elliption Marquee tool:- This tool iss used for selecting or elliptical selection

Single row marquee tools:- This tools is use for single row selecting.

Single column Marquee tool:- This tools is use for single column selecting

Move tool:- This tool is use to move te image or a selecte image

Lasso tool:- this tool allows you to the select around a
particular element in your image to select it we can have desired have desired selection using this tools

Polygonal lasso tool: This tool allows you to select around
a particular element at parts in your image to select It.

Magnetic lasso tool: This tools allows you to select around a particular elemwnt using matching color in you image

Magic wand tool:- This tool allows yo to select specific color

Crop tool:- This tool allows yoto select an are image and crop the image to that specified.

Slic toos:- This tools lets you cut tha image into selection, which is handy for creating web graphic

Healing brush tool: this healing brush tool lets you to correct imper section causing them to disappear

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