What is the Internet

Hello friends I will talk to about the What is the Internet of Things and what can it do?

Connected devices
convenience, savings, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
features may come with some risks as well. A survey conducted by Cisco
cyberattacks against their homes and businesses. In 2016, hackers
Nest and stole millions of people’s data.

I see a great future for the Internet of Things in agriculture.
new IoT devices. a recent survey from Forbes found that the majority
of farmers are intereste in investing in or implementing IoT.

The Internet of Things is currently dominate by the tech sector,
as it was in the 1980s. As tech giants make their way into the agricultural
space, its future will be shape by an influx of data from smart machines
and smart devices. If the Internet of Things improves farm profitability,
our country will have stronger farms and more workers who are more skilled.

First Lady Michelle Obama has encouraged us to view the Internet of
Things as a tool that can improve the lives of others. Obama gave a
speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, in which she said:

Today I will be talk to about the dramatic Swift in our cultural If you’re a
person with a phone in your pocket, or if you use the Internet, that

technology will be present in all aspects of your life…your life is going
to be full of possibilities. Chalo Aaj main tumhe sikhata hun ek nai skill
to work faster; you’ll have access to better products; and you’ll have a

much more personalized experience as you move throughout your day.
hear this, you’re going to start thinking ‘I want that.’ in the
middle of a crowded room or a fast-paced work day, whether you’re

going through a quick search to find the answer to a particular question,
you’re sitting at a bus stop, or whether you’re waiting for a

friend to pick you up, going to start to ask for that are
You’ll want that for yourself.”

The first lady’s sentiment is spot-on.

Perhaps the next step in this evolutionary cycle is to use it to improve the lives of farmers.

President Obama has set out an ambitious goal for the
first 100 days of his administration.
Internet-connected devices in place, or about 7 percent of U.S.
consumers. 2020, the White House least 50 percent
of electricity to come from clean energy sources.

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