What is the computer Science

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What is the use of computer Science

Computer is a scientific and engineering discipline that deals with the theory, design, and application of computers, systems and programming. It includes both hardware and software.

What is the Meaning of computer science

Compuer science is the study of how to design, build, use and understand different types of computers. Given this definition, it is easy to see that can be applie to many different professions.

Course name of computer Science

The certificate provides learners with foundational knowledge and practical hands-on experience to prepare them for careers in the growing computer industry.

What is it to him

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Why computer science taught

The study of science involves learning not only the basics of
programming and mathematics, but how to put these principles into practice.

What are the benefits of learning
it and which jobs are available

Learning comuter science has so many benefits. One of the biggest is the increase in salary. Employers are looking for applicants with a degree in

Introduction of computer science

All computer snce courses in the CS department requires that
you take an introductory course before taking any other courses
in the major. The introductory course is intende to give you a
broad background and understanding of the field and teach
you about different ways to use computers. It can be useful
even if you don’t want to do computer sci as your major or profession.

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