SpaceX rocket part to crash into Moon 7 years after launch

Hello guyes now i will to talk to about SpaceX rocket part to crash into Moon 7 years after launch

A spaceflight enthusiast is trying to build a rocket that will bring part of a SpaceX rocket tothe Moon. The problem is he is just learning to fly a plane. Noomi Rapace is on Netflix now.

Jeffrey Lewis has become fascinated by rockets. He has a love for space that started with his father who was an amateur space enthusiast”I saw the Challenger and I kind of internalized that it was what you do. I mean, why wouldn’t you get into space?”

Over the last several years, he’s started making small satellites and is also making
a rocket with his own money, although the plans he’s chosen to share online are illegal.

“There are several laws I could not break,” said Lewis. “I couldn’t test it on private land. There are several places where it is an illegal activity.”
In 2014, Lewis’s rocket was suppose to launch. But it was destroye in a fire at his test site in the Mojave Desert.

“I didn’t really consider doing it again. But then there was the last weekend of the
Festival of rocket building and I thought that it’s one more thing I can do to keep my flame alive,” said Lewis.

Lewis made the rocket flight a possibility by taking his plans to another crowd sourced website,
Launch Complex 39. He hopes his plans will one day take off.

“I always had this desire to have a piece of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 and I can always keep that in a small box in my closet,” said Lewis.
He is schedule to have another test launch this week at Cape Canaveral.

He says there’s been interest from space enthusiasts who would like to participate in his experiments.
He’s create a special platform to fit the rocket inside. He plans to fly by 2020.

The FAA will only allow him to fly within the U.S.
“I really do believe that the sky is the limit. I think that is what space does is it opens up all of this new potential.
You can do anything here.”
He is hoping his rocket will be a part of the Moon landings someday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.
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