Communication and Collaboration

Communication and collaboration has been the vital tool in our daily life routine, Business, Education, Research are many more. communication impacts a vital impression in any sector of life. Email, social networking. chats, blogs an many more an key tools use in communication. Objectives: In this chapter we will discuss about Basic of E-mail, What … Read more

What is the Web Browser

What is the Web & web Browser ? The www in corporates all the internet service. Internet browser enable you to connect to the internet and gain access to storage of information on these computer. Whether you’re searching for information having it deliverer to yourcomputer, take a look at some of the features that makes … Read more

What is the Word Processor?

Hello friend I will to talk to about the What is the word ProcessorA computer is an electronic device which execute software Program. the computer is used now like bank, hospital homes, school, government offices, defense, military, space shuttle, research ,industrial purpose, research, news. agency, media, etc. A part from being used to automate larger … Read more

Computer Knowledge

Hello friend now i will to talk to about the Computer Knowledge What is the Computer ? Computer is an Electronic device Which is used To compute thedata a conivert into informaton Other name of Computer ? System , Systematic , Computation Who is the Father of Computer Charles Babbage Types of Computer ? Analog … Read more